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My one week old BMW 650 Convertible left rear bumper was damaged with a large bowling size dimple in it. Of course the party that did this did not leave a note on my car. My auto mechanic had previously recommended D&S Body Shop to me, so I brought the car in this past Monday. I was greeted by Berto who carefully looked over the damage and thought he could remove the bumper and push the ding out. He told me if it did not look right, he would then fill it and repaint the bumper. I could tell Berto was someone who took great pride in his work, and after speaking with him I was 100% comfortable that he would make it look like new.
I went inside to make the appointment and was introduced to Lisa who was equally outstanding. She set me up with an appointment for Wednesday and told me they would call me with the disposition of the work as it progressed. Late yesterday afternoon, Berto called me to say he was able to push the ding out and it looks great. He asked if I wanted to see it to make sure, I told him I was unavailable to come down due to my work schedule, and that I trusted his opinion. He said I could pick up the car at 8am the next day.
I just returned from picking it up and couldn’t be happier. The bumper is perfect, you would never know the dimple was there. Berto was there to greet me and wanted to make sure I was 100% satisfied which I am! I went inside to pay, got a chance to meet Ken the owner and it is clear that the professionalism and great attitude that everyone has at D&S comes from the tone that Ken displays.
I highly recommend D&S Body Shop, they excel at customer service, do excellent work, and really care about their customers. I hope I never need them again, but if I do, I will be 100% confident my next experience will be equally as good. Thanks again, Berto, Ken, & Lisa, you have a customer and refrence for life! – RS

Love this place! These people are all so friendly and helpful. I’ve brought my daughter’s car here a few times for small minor problems. If it’s something they can take care of in a few minutes, they’ve done the work without charging a penny. Unfortunately, my car has needed more extensive work, but they’re prices are very competitive and they do the work in a very timely manner. – DS

Our Toyota Tocoma was rear ended on the freeway and had extensive damage. The care they gave the truck was amazing. They fixed and replaced and then fine tuned the steering to the nth degree! I was very impressed and very happy. The truck has been running great and looked like new when I picked it up. Hands down the best place to bring your car or truck. Everyone there is friendly and helpful. – DL

No matter how big or little a job — even when I’ve lived far away — D & S is our first choice for vehicle body work. Dedicated staff with a number of long time folks. Full AAA participation so the rental car team will actually meet you at the body shop to get you back on the road during the repairs and you can typically return the car back to the body shop for rental team pick up.

The few times work had to be done on our vehicles at another place (usually has to do with the other party’s insurance), we’ve had immediate issues resulting in D & S having to take over. They have numerous recommendations and recognition for their service quality and support of the local community. – TP

Excellent service. My car is rear ended and other body shops significantly higher price than D&S. They are very knowledgeable, customer centric and did an excellent job with the repair. It looks like new! Best of all, the price is competitive. The car is cleaned and washed and ready to go. I did not find anything need to be addressed during final inspection.

Most important of all, they are honest. – MH

What a first-rate shop! After smashing the rear bumper of our church van, we came to D&S for help. They were the only shop that took the time to find us a used, refurbished bumper to keep the cost down, and they even gave me a ride to pick up the van once it was ready. Plus, they’ve been around a long time, so you know this is no fly-by-night business.

Their paint shop does quality work, and ask for Ken, the owner – he’s a great guy, though I hear not much of a moto-cross racer. 😉 – DN

Had a little fender/bender this morning and was TOTALLY HYSTERICAL about the damage…took it to Ken and his team only to find out that it wasn’t as MAJOR as it looked or as I thought and drove off the same day with my Black Tahoe barely looking like it was swiped by an M-Class SUV at 8:45AM! Lisa, who is the first person you meet is calming and reassuring to all frazzled/slightly amped up auto accident victims…and a very knowledgeable and expedient team who made the whole visit painless and my car look new again! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You guys are amazing…you made my day and set my weekend back on track! 😀 – MS

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