Common Auto Body Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

If you are searching for an auto body repair shop, you probably have questions for potential shops. Our San Ramon auto body shop technicians have provided answers to common concerns for your convenience. Our goal is to provide you with quality collision repair and services, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions! Dial 925-820-0552 today.

How long do repairs take?
We know you need your vehicle as fast as possible; therefore, we pride ourselves on working quickly and efficiently while maintaining quality workmanship. After we provide you with a full and complete diagnosis of your vehicle, you can rest assured we can deliver fast results.

Do you take insurance?
We work directly with your auto insurance company so you don’t have to. After you have filed your insurance claim, we can communicate with your insurance agent—ensuring they have a full picture of the situation to ideally minimize the likelihood of any claims denials. In addition, we keep you well informed about all necessary repairs. We do not perform any work that you do not approve and we maintain thorough documentation of all repairs we do on your car.

How do I survive without a car?
In addition to getting your vehicle serviced in a timely a manner, our team at D&S Auto Body can help you find a rental car. While some insurance companies can cover your rental car, others may not. Our staff can help you figure out these important details. We also provide convenient drop-off and pick-up services for your drivable vehicle if you live within the ten-mile radius of our shop in the Tri-Valley area.

Are you AAA Approved?
Yes! We are proud members of the AAA Network.

Do your repairs last?
We give you peace of mind with a lifetime written guarantee, so if something should happen and our repairs fail, we will fix them, free of charge.

Should I make an appointment?
To make sure we can adequately and appropriately address all your concerns, it is recommended that you call ahead to let us know you’re on your way.

For answer to these questions and more, call our shop at 925-820-0552.

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